Are you looking for good digital marketing or SEO strategy to popularize your business website? Manual outreach is a vital part of on-page SEO that contributes to SEO success. Link building work is a great marketing strategy to improve your business website SEO value.

Though manual link building is a resource-based and time-consuming process, building your web page’s online visibility is an effective way to improve your ranking in SERP or search results.

If you want, in this beginner’s guide, you will get to reveal all about manual link building that will help you increase your website’s search traffic. So, let’s get started.

what is manual outreach

What is Manual Outreach?

Are you worried about growing visibility, achieving higher rankings, and increasing sales of your business website? All these you can acquire with link building by high-quality sites. Manual Link building is one of the strategic and popular link building strategies.

Manual outreach means building links. You do research and find relevant websites for your blog or service. And, then you make contact with the owner of the same niche blog or Webmaster for guest posting. It sounds straightforward to have a backlink profile or to acquire backlinks, right? But, actually getting high-quality links to your website requires following certain link-building techniques.

In other words, manual outreach is individually introducing yourself and connection establishing with relevant websites. Manual outreach is a turn of phrase of link-building strategies used by link builders to indicate the process of quality backlinks.

This link-building strategy includes finding other websites related to your website and send a message via their email account. This free consultation would be manual towards acquiring links to your website. The manual link-building process secures high domain authority emplacement for guest posting quality content.

It is essential to obtain quality backlinks from high-quality sites to augment your domain authority. The SEO metrics are an important perception that impacts where your website can rank on search results and how reliable it is.

Manual outreach campaigns intend to be structured in unrestrictive ways. That means it is not necessary to attain a certain type of intent while contacting relevant websites. You can get in touch with a website in different ways. The outreach effort can be more effective with a freestyle approach.

Here are few examples for you. Assume that you need the contact information of a website to send an email consisting templated response. Don’t hesitate to throw a witty remark into a contact form and proceed to the next site. Sometimes you can be assured if the contractor can catch up on the intense, effective manner.

Why is Manual Outreach Important for SEO Ranking

Why is Manual Outreach Important for SEO Ranking?

One of the essential parts of online advertisement is outreach search engines optimization. It involves creating links from the off-site website to attract links back to the client’s website.

If you don’t run it thoroughly, search engine ranking factors through manual outreach link building can hamper the SEO strategy of your business. Link building helps reach the target audience and boost the organic traffic of your business. Along with the significance of drawing referral search traffic to your website, the new link will reveal your business website to the target audience.

If you want to drive organic search traffic mostly in competitive industries, link building plays an important part in search engine optimization. Manual link building can be remarkably effective when combined with a substantial SEO strategy, quality content, strong SEO tools, and smart link-building techniques.

The necessity of standard, relevance, and legitimacy was never so important before. Though you can work with low-quality, broken links, they wouldn’t help your organization generate organic traffic on search results.

Conceivably, nowadays, outreach link building is far more related to digital marketing. As a website owner or organization head, you will win for the long term if you realize the ranking factors.

After dragging web pages, search engines can draw out the content and add them to their indicators. With the help of Google’s webspam team, can determine if the certain page is well enough to be ranked for relevant keyword research.

In this process, not only the quality content of the page is important, but the number of build links from the external relevant website and link attribute comes under the ranking factors. So, the more quality links you draw from higher domain authority, the more the possibility of great ranking in search results.

Core Benefits of Manual Outreach Link Building

Link building is beneficial for contributing towards increasing search engines ranking and improving organic traffic as well. Besides these, there are other advantages of outreach link building.

While you get natural links to your website, you usually don’t bother to generate links. For example, while you launch a unique and revolutionary product on your website, there is a possibility to get several links. Or, if you create link-worthy content structured to be one of the best guides among relevant websites, it is also possible to earn links to your website.

But, you would have done none of the above situations due to the advantages of link building. Here, links are the upshot of the activity. So, you should think of link building as the connector of your organization to other sites and the benefit gainer beyond limitation, not as a separate activity.

Establishing relationships

Manual link building involves outreach links to other websites in related industries. This outreach link building refers to the promotional activity of any content or infographic creation of yours.

However, outreach link has a key influence on building long-term relationships in your industry, which indicates that your business is highly reliable. It is valuable in every aspect of the business.

Increasing search traffic

Links have a significant impact on your website ranking. Similarly, it has a potential influence on referral traffic. Quality links from higher page authority result in organic traffic increment.

When you build links from relevant websites, there are possibilities of getting relevant search traffic, which might lead to more superiority.

At this point, the worth of link building isn’t about SEO strategy but also about customers. Placing links to a website in front of genuinely interested audiences may hit the stamp. Well, that doesn’t mean that they’ll instantly purchase something from you, but now they’ve started to know you and your purpose.

Brand establishing

Proper link building helps to set up your trade name and inaugurate you as dominant in your niche. Content creation is one of the link-building tactics by which you can show your company’s expertise to people. And, this trick can help you to build your brand.

Let’s explain how. If you create quality content enriched with relevant data and publish it, you can become familiar with your industry. While you’re doing outreach link building and attracting links to the content, it shows your proficiency and influences others to spread the same to other sites.

Boosting credibility

Another benefit of successful manual outreach is increasing credibility and brand awareness as well. Generally, new links get in from higher page authority sites or credible websites.

So, when the authoritative publisher recommends your business or drawing links on their content, you get potential clients from their readers. Likewise, the readers have a bond created with the publisher, making it easier for them to trust the shared link.

Manual Outreach Link Building Strategies

In manual outreach, two things are most important- value and creativity. You are choosing a publisher who is related to the client’s business. When you publish content on an off-site page creating links that should be related to the client and proven useful for the audience, at the ending, an audience should be attracted to the business by the backlink profile.

You should create quality content that helps to develop interest for the target publisher. A value-added content defines that it has a potential connection to your product or service. Similarly, link-building success requires deep creativity to draw the attention of top-class publishers.

In this competitive market, you have to stand out among other same niche companies and come on the shortlist of publishers in crowded online conditions. For getting those backlinks, you might sometimes need to use allowable methods like broken links.

Search engines use links in 2 different elementary ways.

● For discovering search results, usable new web pages.

● To understand the search results ranking capabilities of a page.

As being one of the ranking factors, in the late 1990s, links were used to allow Google to control the search engine market. Larry Page (one of Google’s founders) invented PageRank, a measurement method for Google to determine the quality of any web page based on the number of build links to it.

As this metric was a standard way to decide the page quality, it became part of the overall algorithm for ranking. A link was considered as a confidence vote of a page that, without links, it won’t get ranked. The main theory was that if someone links to relevant websites, they’re appraised as good sources.

Gradually, search engine optimizations brought to light the way of handling PageRank and chosen keyword research results. Though Google was much advanced compared to others, as it wasn’t efficient enough at determining quality links, there was still the opportunity for manipulation opened.

Then the search for such websites started that were influencing search results by low-quality link building. Additionally, Google updated regularly by filtering out the broken links building websites.

As a result, Google stopped using some link-building techniques, which worked well earlier. For example, Previously, you would get a link in return for submitting your website to a web index. But, as SEO overused this technique, Google doesn’t value such kinds of links.

For the last few years, Google has been disciplined in a hierarchy of websites that have endeavored such abuse of these techniques or over-optimized in their link building. This resulted in the stepping up of an updated gear named Penguin. Targeting certain link-building techniques modified the link-building strategy for once.

And, from this turnout, low-quality link building is time-wasting and can also badly damage your website’s organic traffic capability. That’s why you have to understand well Webmaster guidelines by Google and the manual outreach link building strategies.

Though Google won’t reveal the complete algorithm that it uses for search results, the common consent from current studies and amongst the SEO community, one thing is clear that link building plays a vital role in the algorithm.

Manual outreach is not all about focusing on creating links. Manual outreach link building involves on/off-site website guest blogging, earn links, client’s branding, sales, and marketing plans. A successful manual outreach brings new prospects for the client.

Guest Blogging

Creating quality content is one of the best ways to let customers know about your business. Many businesses use this way in this time of omnichannel approaches to inform customers about their products and services. However, it may get difficult to create unique content all the time, exactly what guest blogging does to your business.

You can get new content by inviting guest posts from outside your company to write a blog post on your website. Blogger outreach is a smart way to work in the area of sales collaboration with others. The guest post helps you to improve your brand awareness and boost your sear engine optimization.

Niche Relevant Blog Comment

Blog comments are the first step to start link building and promotion for your niche sites. Though blog comments are not the only way to do link building, it is one of the successful link-building strategies.

There have been many discussions on effective ways to build links, good and not. Some may think that blog comments are no-follow links so that they won’t help rank in search engines. Though it is true, and that’s because earlier, the Gray Hat link builders used blog comments, and for having “no follow” designation, Googles effectively reduce the practice.

You’ll see many blog comments posted by bloggers in some content marketing and recognized Internet Marketing blogs. However, blog comments can sometimes play a role as do-follow links if you consistently comment on several blogs. But, if you aim to rank your niche with a high-volume research keyword, it is relevantly competitive.

Worthwhile Press Releases

Whether for announcing recruitment, sharing donation news, or revealing industry-related development, a press release is a primary source to getting the news to the media with a wider audience. When your business needs to be shared with the public, a press release is a well-known practice.

This official communication from the company to media may cover launching a new product of your business, hosting a life event of your company, an acquisition, financial reporting of a public traded company, restructuring your company, or getting a new client. If your press release genuinely contains professional news related to your industry, it is worth issuing the press release.

To make your press release more worthwhile, you have to follow certain tips.

● It should be 400-500 words long organized with 4 paras.

● Encouraging and attention-grabbing headline.

● Adding information of the headline to the subheading and also a summary of the entire press release.

● Written concisely with the facts of who, what, when, where, and why.

Forum Discussion

Forum Discussion is an electronic message board for nonsynchronous communication. It is also known as web forums, discussion boards, bulletin boards, and discussion groups. It is a program allowing the members to do discussions online.

By posting any topic online, this process starts, and the members keep replying and sharing their ideas and information. Through this online discussion process, you can engage different groups of people of the same industry and have productive discussions on some topic.

They can give their opinion and provide useful information that can help solve your problems and doubts. As forum discussion encourages critical thinking, it will help you engage more people to your website from the same niche. It also has a significant impact on manual outreach link building.

What to Avoid While doing Manual Outreach?

Acquiring links from a good authority page is the cornerstone of ranking factors. If done correctly, then this outstanding SEO strategy-manual outreach can be highly effective for link building.

But, manual outreach is a time-consuming exercise, while some people want to go on shortcuts. For successful link building, you have to do this with care and respect. Here are the 5 common facts to avoid while doing manual outreach link building.

Use a general email format

What is the very first thing you would do while doing manual link building? If your answer is searching for an email template for an outreach link, it will be a mistake. Most people take this wrong step by copying and pasting an online template and sending it to the Webmaster.

What is the problem with this type of approach? Well, every day, there are hundreds of emails containing a common template assemble in Webmaster’s mailboxes. So, there is barely any chance of being noticed for your email.

But, if you craft something in general based on the information you have about the individual you’re contacting, that is a more realistic and convenient way to look for a response.

Spammy subject line

If you want to be noticed and your email to be opened, focus on the subject line of your emails. A simple and straight forwarding subject line often works best.

For getting the attention of the person you’re emailing, the most recommended way to start is with the topic they are interested in. Research on the person, find out a common thing of interest.

Contacting them through Facebook and Twitter is better than getting lost in their inbox. At first, give blog comments to one of their posts, mentioning that it would be a pleasure for you to contribute to their website.

Giving up rapidly or too much pocking

Outreach link is difficult, but you can complete the process if you keep sticking to it. Your first email might get denied or ignored or may get lost in the tons of emails of Webmaster’s inbox, but don’t lose hope or give up.

Keep following up with them. Resend email after a week of your first message. But, if still there’s no response, ignore and move on. To be respectful to them, sending more than two or three emails can be annoying.

Because, if they experience a bad impression of you for the first time, maybe you won’t have any chance to pitch the website again in the future.

Proposal for buying links

Buying links is not a good idea. Though it is easier to buy links to your website for manual outreach success, it is the rules of Google. At any time, Google can catch you up with this through an algorithm that may cause you a penalty.

Or, low-quality broken links would decrease your page ranking. Even though you buy links that are good quality, Google will somehow find out that the link building in your website is done in exchange for payment. So, for long-term serious sustainable business, it’s wise to obtain organic build links.

Offering amateur content

The common problem that most people do is seek the shortcuts and acclaiming as being the expertise of a topic while they’re not. Giving mediocre content instead of quality content is the minus point of your manual outreach link building.

You must deliver high-quality, informative, deep researched content if you have promised so. Link building is a long-drawn project that requires your honesty, patience, and efficiency.

Avoid the tendency of fooling others or taking shortcuts. Seek quality links from trusted domain authority, and you’ll experience your serious attempt returning as in organic search traffic and high ranking.

Why should Avoid Automated Outreach?

We all have got a promotional email from some company at some point in our life. Maybe we purchased any product from them or shared our contact information with them, or in other ways.

It is quite difficult to avoid this type of email campaign if you’re a potential customer.

As a part of the marketing automation process, many entrepreneurs or different businesses often use automated outreach emails.

The basic goal of this automated outreach is to increase the possibility of maximum campaign reach and develop the conversation rates. But, if you don’t do this professionally and correctly, it is better to avoid doing so.

One of the most common mistakes done through email outreach is generalizing. It is next to impossible to create an email containing equally interesting information for all your customers.

So, those who aren’t interested in your industry niche might don’t like your approach.

Sometimes, emails contain personal information such as a person’s name. This approach has a flaw as there is the chance to misspell the name. It can be offensive for some clients.

Your prospect might not see your email at all for its certain characteristics; messages can get caught by spam filters. As a consequence of this flaw, you may overdo outreaching email several times, as hence you lose control over it quickly.

All these can make automated outreach worse for your industry. But, if you use this marketing method positively, it also has positive sides to offer you.

SEO tools for Manual Outreach Link Building Campaign

Using the appropriate tool for manual outreach link building, it is easier to achieve your target. There are hundreds of SEO tools for manual outreach.

You have to find the most effective one that helps to simplify the process. Here, we’re going to round up some best link-building tools that link builders should use.


Ahref is one of the popular toolsets for SEO analysis and backlinks. This all-in-one toolset is a passionate SEO community and is supported with free learning materials.

This smart SEO tool is suitable for junior marketers and SEO experts, including website optimization, competitor analyzing, research keywords, creating quality guest posts, and ranking trackers.

For discovering marketing sights and developing online visibility, SEMrush is the tool that offers all-in-one features. If you are a marketer in services like PPC, SEO, SMM, Competitive Research, Keyword Research, PR, Marketing Insights, Content Marketing, and Campaign management, then this tool is for you.

You can choose from any of their 3 level subscription policies: Pro, Guru, and Business. Also, you can go for their trial option.

Google Sheets

If you want to speed up your link building, you can use Google Sheets templates for analyzing`, tracking, prospecting, and scaling your manual outreach efforts.

While automated building links drop down your business reputation, an efficient and streamlined process can make your link building work easier.

Drastically improvement can be seen by simply using a spreadsheet. Thus you can avoid boredom and attain more backlinks.

Another SEO tool for link building chosen by leading companies and used by more than ten million SEO experts is Hunter. This tool helps you find any professional’s email address, verify the email address’s deliverability, find the author, and search domain.

All their valuable data is sourced and processed with transparent methods. Every email address in their collection is distributed in the domain search with indicated public sources and discovery dates. You can choose your subscription from any of their Free, Starter, Growth, pro, and Enterprise policies.

Final Words

Now that we have discussed here all the details, you should know about manual outreach link building. You know well what to do. You can buy links every time you need link juice from other sites to boost your search engine ranking.

Or, you are going to work on manual outreach to build strategic partnerships with relevant websites. The more backlinks from a good domain authority, the higher search traffic your website is about.