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Got Questions?

Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. What is an example of a backlink?

A backlink is a reference from one site to another. Backlinks can be in text form or image form. The example would look like this, please check out However, the would have a hyper link that could be clicked on.

2. How does a backlink work?

Backlinks create a bridge between one website to another. They pass traffic and authority to their target. Plus, the help Google know which websites have the best content. The more linked a piece of content the better it is in Googles eyes.

3. What is a toxic backlink?

A toxic backlink is one that has a negative impact on your rankings in search engines. If you have Google Console setup Google will notify you of these types of links. You get rid of them by disavowing them in Google Console.

4. What is a PR backlink?

A PR backlink is a backlink that has a high page rank. The higher the page rank the more authority it passes to your backlink.

5. What is a backlink profile?

A backlink profile is the overall picture of what your backlinks look like. Good backlink profiles are relevant to your websites niche. Do not be a bakery website with backlinks from a Paintball forum.

6. How do I check my backlinks on Google?

You can see what backlinks Google is considering by setting up Google Console for your website. Inside of Google Console in the acquisition tab you will see that info.

7. What is a backlink strategy?

Backlinking is an important step to getting more traffic to your website. A good backlink strategy includes researching your niche and planning out your backlinks. You need to create a keyword group and target getting backlinks from websites with a similar keyword group.

8. What is a negative SEO attack?

Negative SEO attacks are when someone points toxic backlinks to your website. Toxic backlinks lower your rankings in search engines.

9. What is high PR?

High page rank is what every website owner wants to have. Having a high page rank make it easy for you to rank for any keyword you want. The more competitive a keyword is the higher the page rank is needed to rank for it.

10. What is referring domains?

Referring domains are websites that are pointing backlinks to you.